Swax Lax soft training ball review

Swax Lax soft training ball review

swaxlaxRemember those "pinky" practice lax balls back in the day? Oh wait, you were probably born after 1995. Swax Lax has invented something of a dream to us lacrosse players, a ball that feels the same, weighs the same, but doesn't have that fearful pain when the ball hits you; and let me tell you, they've nailed it!


Yes, this is where I live. Don't hate. 

At first glance you think it would be to small but its the exact same size. One thing I found that they do not tell you is that you can feel it more then a normal ball with both mesh and traditional (I'm a traditional man, myself). Its the perfect tool for teaching kids or even playing pass and you can mess around with it indoors (just lock up those porcelain cats that your mom keeps on the mantle). Now for the real test of getting hit. When I get hit with the lacrosse ball the pain of course hurt and lingered, but when i got hit with the Swax Lax ball (yes, I did this for you because I love you all!) it hurt very little and the pain almost instantaneously vanished.


Final review: I would say this is a must-get, especially if you have kids that want to learn the sport or you are that kid wanting to learn the sport. You can get the Swax lax ball for $9.99 and you can pick from all of their awesome colors red, gold, green, blue, white, yellow, silver, and pink.

Always check back for more reviews on the latest gear and sticks!

Seth Janica @lacrossemage

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