Support The Kevin Reichardt Scholar-Athlete Championship Fund

On January 26, 1995 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Kevin Eric Reichardt was tragically gunned down as he rode his bicycle near the campus of UNC. Kevin's death shattered the lives of his family, his friends and his teammates.

In an effort to channel their grief into a living tribute to Kevin, several of Kevin's high school teammates together with Kevin's family and friends created Kevin Reichardt's Scholar-Athlete Championship Fund. This fund honors the memory of Kevin to perpetuate and reinforce the positive virtues he embodied. Those virtues include excellence in academics, athletics, leadership, school spirit and respect and compassion for others.

A nationwide outpouring of support for "Making Kevin's Spirit Live On" is being carried into corporate boardrooms and throughout the halls of colleges and universities.

Kevin set and achieved high goals in his short life. The Kevin Reichardt Scholar-Athlete Championship Fund has a goal of raising revenue for college scholarships and high school awards. As more funds are raised, we look forward to awarding additional scholarships.

The Foundation has one major fund raiser a year...and it's coming up...Saturday, November 27th. The silent auction is a huge money maker for the foundation and they are really trying to find new donations this year in order to "spice" things up a bit.

Would any of you be willing to donate an item or service? Do you know anyone who might? This is a true Annapolis event that covers multiple generations and people who are deeply routed in our community. Word travels fast for people who generously donate.

For more information about the event and the foundation, check out the foundation's Facebook Page.
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