SuperCleat: Mud-Repelling Traction Technology

SuperCleat: Mud-Repelling Traction Technology

Supercleat launched about two weeks ago after extensive testing at Penn State's Department of Agriculture Division of Sports Surface Research. Think of Supercleat as applying Teflon to the outsole and outsole/spike junction of your cleats (it is not Teflon, though--it's much more durable....). It's mud-repelling traction technology has been found (under rigorous conditions of 50% grass coverage/50% mud) to reduce mud accumulation by nearly half. Also, because of it's water repellent properties, it increases resistance to linear slip (static traction) on all wet fields, natural and synthetic. Supercleat is US Patent Pending.

Parents will like Supercleat because there's less clean up/banging the cleats out. Kids will like Supercleat because they will have improved traction and performance along with less clean up. Equipment Managers will like it because it will result in less shout-outs with the coaches over gear issues.

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