Students Take on New Sport in East Austin, Texas

News Channel 8 in Austin, Texas recently ran a story on the growth of the sport. The team is composed of players from East Side Memorial High School and Lyndon B. Johnson High School. A business teacher at East Side Memorial High School started the team.

Business teacher Greg Weber said it's given the kids an opportunity to try new things and the confidence to do something different. Weber said the most interesting thing he's observed about the sport is that it has inspired a cross-cultural connection.

"There's a mix of student type, a mix of player type and there's a lot of interaction from high schools on the field that you probably don't see on a day to day basis. So, I think they're finding out that they have a lot in common with kids from across the city," Weber said.

Lacrosse Playground had the pleasure of sponsoring the first ever tournament at East Side Memorial High School last Fall. It was a great opportunity to get involved with kids who want to learn so much. One of the coaches who headlined the tourney was UMBC coach Don Zimmerman. Read more about it HERE.
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