StringKing Lacrosse Type 2 Performance Mesh Review

StringKing Lacrosse Type 2 Performance Mesh Review

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StringKing Lacrosse has upped their game in a great way with the new Type 2s/2x models. In just about every way they have improved upon the 1 Series that was already out. When they contacted us to review the mesh I was pretty excited but now that I have used it I am far more excited and a definite backer in the StringKing product line. I let the boys I coach start passing it around trying out the mesh most of which use either hard mesh, Money Mesh or Throne but they all loved the Type 2s and 2x immediately and noticed a definite difference. So far StringKing made the impression as most wanted to switch or at least have a game stick, primary or backup, with the StringKing Type 2s or 2x. Like the 1 Series the 2 Series comes in an S (semi soft) and an X (semi hard) format each with their own positives and negatives for certain players.

Break In Time 10 out of 10 2s and 2x
This is a no brainer, there just isn’t any break in time open the package string it up and it is ready to play. I got the box about an hour before practice and strung up two sticks, a Warrior Noz X with Type 2s and a Brine RP3HS with 2x, then headed straight to the field. After a couple passes I had the Type 2s dialed in and started taking shots. It felt like my broken in Throne when shooting and was on point shots went where I placed them.

The Type 2x is no slouch either, same break in time little different feeling on the ball cradles more to the hard mesh fans preference. The ball stays put when cradling doesn’t really rock in the pocket like a soft mesh would but passes and cradles like a dream. It is a 17.5mm mesh (the Type 2s is hard to tell the diamonds appear and feel to be more like a 15mm though String King has always used 17.5mm) so the ball feels like it is coming out a little later however there is no discernible difference in shot speed that we saw across all of our testing.
Hold 10 out of 10 Type 2s/ 8.5 out of 10 Type 2x
The Type 2s is a semi soft mesh that holds the ball like no other mesh I have ever played with. The mesh being very thin it even beats out good soft mesh in a way that the ball won’t come out until you make it. That being said it doesn’t catch up on release even when wet and the crazy hold won’t change up your shot since it shoots and passes like perfectly broken in hard mesh even when wet (it rains a lot in Florida so this was easy to test). Type 2s is definitely 10 out of 10.

The Type 2x has hold more similar to a traditional hard mesh once completely broken in, it throws great but feels a little slippery at times. Again the mesh being thinner it does have a better feel than hard mesh but like hard mesh it is a little lower in the hold game than the soft mesh counterpart. Fans of hard mesh will want to invest in this mesh immediately and definitely will never be disappointed. Type 2x is a 8.5 out of 10.

Water Proofing Type 2s 9 out of 10/ Type 2x 10 out of 10
*String King makes their mesh from hydrophobic material meaning that it is naturally water resistant without the need for wax. So both meshes perform well while wet but a little different.*
The Type 2s mesh held up well once wet from rain but there is a difference in feel some good some bad. The mesh did seem to grab some of the moisture which helped with the hold making my pocket a black hole when dodging and taking checks but also changed the release a little bit. I noticed it immediately so it was a quick change that there was a little more pull on the pocket when passing and shooting. Even though the adjustment was easy having to make one gets Type 2s 9 out of 10 for waterproofing.

Type 2x lived through water like the rain never happened. Wet or dry the mesh performs exactly the same other than the positive I noticed with the Type 2s of increased hold (seriously may wet this mesh before practice and games because it felt that much better). The release on both passes and shots was unaffected allowing me to just keep on rolling like I did before the rain started which in game would definitely give an advantage over other players. Type 2x gets an absolute 10 out of 10 for waterproofing.
Durability Type 2s and 2x 10 out of 10
Both Type 2s and 2x are so similar in this section they have to be done together. The mesh is thin, very thin, but the weave of the mesh is so well done that the mesh never feels like it is going to rip. I stretched the mesh to its limits, took hard passes, dunked it in a chlorinated pool, left it in a hot car and played on a field with sand spots (again Florida). Every one of these factors would normally do some kind of damage to mesh but not String King Type 2. This is one of the biggest improvements over Type 1 for me in that my Type 1 was affected by being left in my black car in Florida before practice and felt different at practice. My Type 2s and 2x felt the same after every element I could reasonably test them under, haven’t tried fire proof but maybe Type 3? At no point does this mesh feel like it is going to give in or change from the elements to me and really looks like it could hammer out a full season with no worries of being replaced Type 2s and 2x definitely earn the 10 out of 10.

Looks Type 2s and 2x 10 out of 10
Looks may be the least and most important part of making a performance mesh. They don’t affect how you play at all but without them it’s hard to compete with companies that have flashier maybe not better or equivalent products for performance when dealing with kids. String King went simple adding solid colors but they picked many popular colors and when I pulled the colored mesh out of my bag at practice for rewards every kid on the team wanted a piece of it without question. The colors are bright and clean, so far we have strung up one piece of royal blue Type 2s and the color was completely unaffected by rain and sand. Over time everything fades but the mesh so far looks great and adds a little value. Type 2s and 2x 10 out of 10.

Customer Service String King 10 out of 10
This part isn’t really about the product but the company. I have worked personally in the industry of lacrosse for close to 10 years. I have dealt with product reps and direct company owners some experiences are great some are not. String King is a 10 out of 10 their rep emailed back quickly, she was polite and helpful, the company through her understands the desire to grow the game (shown by their many partnerships with camps for giveaways and such), and though they fully back their product they asked for a 100% honest review of their product. Definite 10 out of 10 here

Overall Type 2s 9.5 out of 10 and 2x 9.5 out of 10
The Type 2 series has been a full improvement with a lot of thought into how to improve the product making it a definite mesh to pick up and try I will highly doubt you will be disappointed. No gimmicks just great mesh for sure. String King has thoroughly been one of my favorite companies to work with on a review and they have gained my support as well as my teams. This should be an important factor for companies and players because this is a sign that by picking up String King you are picking up a product that will be around for a long time and “consistency is king” as they say. Pictured below is the some of the boys from the Team I coach Blue Skies Lacrosse and the boys who received some StringKing Type 2 for standing out at the Veterans Cup Tournament.

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