StringKing Lacrosse Officially Launches The Best Mesh in Lacrosse for Ultimate Pocket Consistency

StringKing Lacrosse Officially Launches The Best Mesh in Lacrosse for Ultimate Pocket Consistency

What is the one piece of equipment you have as a Lacrosse player that gives you the most trouble? Your pocket. Everyone seems to be plagued by it but no one is doing anything to progress it. In order to have a reliable pocket, you need a reliable piece of mesh. Existing mesh products aren’t trustworthy. Every piece of mesh had endless amounts of variables that would change its reliability. StringKing Lacrosse was born on the idea that the most reliable piece of mesh had yet to be developed. So, we developed it.

As you know, the Lacrosse pocket has an enormous influence on a player’s performance. Using the right pocket can dramatically improve your game. A high quality pocket allows players to develop proper mechanics and fundamentals without being hindered by inconsistent throwing and handling. Every player from MLL All-stars to first time youth players has been thrilled with the performance benefits of our mesh. The chemical and behavioral stability of our mesh leads to a much greater level of performance consistency. With StringKing Performance Mesh, players can trust their sticks, focus on the game, and improve as Lacrosse players.

StringKing Lacrosse provides the most consistent, highest performance mesh and stringing products in Lacrosse. Every other mesh company uses a nylon base for their mesh. They try to mask the inherently inferior chemical properties of nylon by covering the thread with a variety of coatings (polyurethanes, waxes, rubbers, etc.). This is a very shortsighted approach. Coatings will inevitably wear off, resulting in a change in material behavior and performance over time. Simply changing the coating fails to address the real problem – the nylon thread foundation. We have chosen a much higher quality, higher performance fiber as the base for our mesh.

We spent years researching material chemistry and tested out hundreds of different materials to narrow down the exact material that should be used in Lacrosse mesh. Regardless of playing conditions or various climates, our mesh will perform the same. It will not bag out, stiffen up, or change the way it performs. Consistent performance from the first day of use to the last.

Our website officially launched last week. There you will find all of our products and much more information proving their superiority. You can place orders through the site, learn about MLL players who trust StringKing, and read up on company updates from our headquarters in California. Our products are also available in all 14 ComLax stores, and we are currently expanding into retail stores on the West Coast and in the Midwestern United States.

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