StringKing Lacrosse Launches uSTRING BETA

StringKing Lacrosse Launches uSTRING BETA

Lacrosse Playground is proud to share StringKing Lacrosse's new announcement with the entire lacrosse community. Years of hard work, trial & error, pocket testing, photo editing, and shooting video have resulted in their latest release: uSTRING BETA.

Since establishing themselves in 2011, StringKing’s overarching goal has been to engineer “the best pockets in the game”. Along the way, they have had to develop a standard stringing language, manufacture their own strings, laces, and mesh using patent-pending processes of the highest precision, and create an eight-step tutorial program from scratch. This new program, uSTRING BETA, is their first attempt at sharing replicable pocket patterns with stringers and non-stringers alike.

The creation of the Performance Mesh was the necessary ingredient to produce consistent, high quality pockets. StringKing tried all the other mesh out there, but there was simply too much inconsistency from piece to piece to make replicable pockets. Now that their Performance Mesh has been produced, they spend countless hours engineering the best possible pockets and making them easily replicable. The goal is to enable anyone to be able to string the best possible pockets.
Pick up some StringKing Performance Mesh and get on uSTRING BETA today at
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