Stringing a Goalie Head with Towson Keeper Rob Wheeler

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At Lacrosse Playground we believe it’s important to learn from those at the top of their game. We talked to Towson keeper Rob Wheeler about his goalie pocket and how he strings his stick.


The Mesh: I have been using the monster mesh since it first came out. It is much more durable than all the other types of mesh available for goalies.

The stringing: I start at the top and work my way down. I like to leave a little space between the strings and the sidewalls because it will help make the pocket deeper when I am finished stringing the head.

In order to ensure the top is tightly strung I always bend the head forward as far as I possibly can, and then when I knot the string at the bottom I release the head causing the extra tension to tighten the strings at the top. This helps eliminate whip and will prevent the ball from hitting or catching the top of the head when throwing.

I use two throwing strings, the traditional string straight across and the “V” throwing string. The “V” string establishes the pocket, and helps with ball control.

As for the handle, I always tape at the top of the pole where the head and pole connect. My dominate hand, which is also my lead hand will be here when saving a shot. If a shot hits the sidewall of my head the tape there helps keep the stick from spinning in my hand. I also tape further down the stick where my other hand will be.

Of course, stringing is always personal. To all you keepers out there, let us know what you think about Rob's stringing job by commenting below.



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i love the string job


i love the string job


i love the string job


Heard rob is also ranked top 5 in the world at gears of war. Popped up when I googled him.. That’s pretty sick, gas’em up


Hey Bob, that was totally boss

Conrad Birdie

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