Stringing 6 Diamond Traditional Pocket With Single String

Stringing 6 Diamond Traditional Pocket With Single String

For this traditional, I stuck with what I've been doing recently, in that it is single string, but have adjusted it to the specific player. This traditional is 6-diamond, which is basically the median for traditionals, between 4 and 8. This allows for both good hold and a quick, powerful release, but not quite as much as 4-diamond, and for consistency even when your motion is not perfect, but not quite as much as 8-diamond. The thinking behind this is that I know the player has to accomplish many things on the field: taking some face-offs and getting the ball to teammates, but also likes to pull the ball from the outside.

In traditional, both the number of diamonds and the number of shooters and their tension determines how the pocket throws. The shooter tension is especially important for shooting, and shooting strings in traditional pockets can be WAY tighter than in mesh sticks, as the make up of the actual pocket varies so much when comparing mesh to traditional. Traditional will keep its shape when less force is applied, but stretch much more when more force is applied; this means that shooting with more whip does not necessarily mean more whip when passing in traditional, which is why I prefer traditional over mesh, where it is harder to find that balance.

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