String League: Encore Brand Lacrosse Week 2 Challenge

String League: Encore Brand Lacrosse Week 2 Challenge

Welcome to String League, lacrosse’s biggest stringing competition. Week two is meant to challenge and focus each stringer on functionality and accuracy. Our second week of the finals belongs to Encore Brand Lacrosse and is titled "In a Land Without String".

Greg rose form Encore came up with this challenge which gives each stringer one 22" sidewall string, one 11" sidewall, one shooter, and one piece of mesh to string an accurate functional pocket into a STX Surgeon 10. Then each stringer needs to hit a box painted on a wall 9 times in a row from 9 yards away. Greg chose all the winners this week and the winner will be getting an Encore lifestyle on and off field pack. Off Field - Encore jeans hemmed to your length, and Encore Tee, Encore Hat and an Encore Hoodie. On Field - Johnny Christmas' LXM Pro On-Firld pack including LXM shooter and shorts & encore socks.

Watch our weekly video installment on and be sure to check out the leaderboard and root for your favorite stringer on Instagram @brostrings, @laxisbae, @lacrosseman, @oldratlax, @mclaxstrings. We want to thank all of our sponsors The Lacrosse Network, Stylin Strings, Throne of String, East Coast Dyes, Encore Lacrosse, LAX Allstars, STX, and JimAlax.

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