Stick Talk with Brian Dougherty

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Everyone has experienced a game with some sort of equipment malfunction. And at the final U.S. training team exhibition at Stony Brook this weekend, Brian “Doc” Dougherty had a problem with his stick. John Cinosky spoke with Dougherty about equipment and handling the problem.

John: I noticed at one point you were shouting to the sideline about your stick while play was at the other end of the field. I believe I overheard you say that there was a problem with your lower “U”, what happened?

Doc: While saving a shot, the knot of my “lower u” popped through the hole (sic). This actually happens a lot with goalie sticks. Not a big deal

John: What was the gear? What kind of shaft was it?

Doc: My shaft is a Warrior Titan pro, I think.

John: Which head were you using?

Doc: My head is a Warrior Nemesis strung by Jimmy Butler. (Jimmy Butler is the equipment manager for US Lacrosse’s National Men’s Team) He’s the best.

John: Is this your preferred set up?

Doc: I would prefer to use an Eclipse with a Warrior shaft.

John: Did you have a back up?

Doc: I did not have my back up. I actually was using Drew Adams’ stick until Jimmy Butler strung up mine. When I got mine I gave Drew his back because he was playing in the Hawaii tourney and needed it. (Editor’s note: It’s important to always keep a trusted back-up stick)

John: Who’s stick did they end up giving you? Do you know what set up of that stick was?

Doc: I was given Adam Fullerton’s back up. I have no idea what he uses. It wasn’t a big deal because everything occurred with only a minute left in the quarter. I didn’t even use it and to fix what was wrong with my stick would only take 2 minutes.

John: Did you hear about it from Adam (sic)?

Doc: I don’t think Adam even knew I was using his back up but I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

John: Is there anything that you may incorporate into your future sticks or preparation based on this experience?

Doc: I tend to always have a back up but because of the time of year I was caught a little unprepared. After every MLL season I give away all my sticks. So I had to wait until Jimmy Butler could hook me up because I don’t string my own sticks. By the time we go to England I will have 4 game ready sticks and they will be custom dyed and looking fresh

John: Thank you for your time Doc. I appreciate you making the effort to respond to us, and just for the record you played a great game regardless of the stick you were using.
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would love to see those dyed stick on LP!
I’m working on some right now for a Maryland player.

Connor Wilson

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