Stevenson Players Raise Money for One Love Foundation

Matt Rayburn and I, Kyle Menendez, have decided to run the Richmond Half Marathon on Saturday, November 13th. We are eagerly training to accomplish our goal of finishing the race with a pace of 7:30 min/mile. Therefore in 13.1 miles we should finish in approximately 1 hr and 38min. Matt and I have never ran this far in our lives and I think I lead the group with having run 10 miles once before in my life. Additionally, Matt and I are inspired to run the Richmond Half Marathon as a way to raise money for the One Love Foundation.

The One Love Foundation, founded in the past year to remember the life of our friend Yeardley Love and to promote the wonderful qualities she exemplified as a person, has organized a group of 93 runners (as of Oct. 7th) who will be running on November 13th to benefit this organization.

The "One Love Foundation's driving goal is to encourage and develop in children and young adults four qualities that Yeardley exemplified ... service, kindness, humility and sportsmanship ... that together add up to One Love." To date the 93 registered runners, who will be running either a full-marathon, a half-marathon, or an 8k, have raised over $26,000 dollars for the One Love Foundation.

The event, titled "Every Yard for Yeardley", has found tremendous support and Matt and I are proud to be a part of what should turn out to be an awesome day. Matt and I have set a goal to raise $1,000 dollars between the two of us and as of today (Oct. 7th) we have raised $380. We are confident we can hit our mark!

If anyone would care to donate to our cause or is interested in signing up to run here are the details:

To donate on our behalf please visit:
(All donations are tax deductible)

If you are interested in running please follow these steps:

STEP ONE: Sign up as soon as possible for whichever race you choose. The earlier you sign up, the lower the prices!

SIgn-up Page:

STEP TWO: Create a personal fundraising page through the Every Yard for Yeardley Fundraising Homepage at the link below. Select the "Become a Fundraiser" link at the top of the page.

STEP THREE: Email the event organizers at and confirm that you have signed up for the race and set up a personal fundraising page and also provide them with a t-shirt size.

Lastly, if anyone is simply interested about the One Love Foundation and would like more information about Yeardley's life and the foundation's goals, missions, and upcoming events they can visit the website at:

Matt and I have started our training already and are building our stamina up for this race. We couldn't be more excited about this opportunity to help out a foundation in memory of such a caring friend, and we are thrilled with the support we have received thus far. Please consider supporting our efforts, every bit counts no matter how large or how small. We are encouraged by our supporters and appreciate any amount.

Thanks so much and if you would like to follow our training progress and have access to Facebook please visit: for updates and motivational material that we are using to keep us on the right path!

Thanks again and take care,

Kyle Menendez and Matt Rayburn
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