St. Mary's/Severn Alumni Challenge Uniforms

On Black Friday Severn and St. Mary's players will square up in the second annual Alumni Challenge on Severn Field at 1pm. Co-founded by St. Mary's and Severn alums respectfully, Chase Pettebone and Drew Turner, this gathering looks to be even more successful as the previous year. LPG was able to get the mock-ups of the teams uniforms.

Flashback to last year...we asked Chase about what the future might hold for the Alumni Challenge. He said he hoped, "the event can become even bigger, and possibly be played for a charity or foundation." Well, that's exactly what happened. The events proceeds will be donated to the Kevin E. Reichardt Foundation. Also, included is a live performance from local band, Pressing Strings.

Those interested in learning more about the event can contact Chase Pettebone at or Drew Turner at
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