Sports Injuries: How to Treat Five of the Most Common

Sports Injuries: How to Treat Five of the Most Common

Playing sports places unusual amounts of stress on the body, and this can result in numerous types of injuries while playing. Type of injuries can range from mild annoyances, to permanent kinds that affect mobility. It is helpful to understand how to treat the five most common sports injuries experienced by most players in order to stop something more serious from occurring.


Sprains occur when the ligaments connecting bones are overextended and tear or become inflamed. Sprains occur most often in the ankles, knees, and wrists. Some can be avoided by wearing proper footwear and maintaining good posture and stance when playing sports. The treatment for most sprains involves rest and ice packs. The sprained area is elevated and sometimes wrapped in a compression garment until the ligament heals.


Fractures occur when the bone is damaged due to physical impact or repeated stress. Acute fractures occur suddenly, after a fall or other injury. Stress fractures are smaller cracks in the bones that occur over time. All fractures require medical attention since they can cause other problems. Doctors need to set the fractured bone. Fractures can be avoided with good protective gear or by limiting repetitive and stressful movements while playing sports.


Torn Rotator Cuff

Torn rotator cuffs occur when the tendons in the shoulder joint tear. This can happen after falling, overexerting the arm, or repeatedly performing stressful movements. Rest, compressions and hot and hold packs can treat minor tears. Major tears can cause severe pain and might require corticosteroid injections. Severe tears could require surgery to restore a full range of motion. Avoiding repeated activities that overtax the arms and shoulders can prevent rotator cuff tears.


Dislocated bones have been forced from the normal position by a sudden physical impact. Dislocations are treated by medical professionals who can move the shoulder, hand or wrist back into position. Recovery can take some time if there was soft tissue damage around the joint. Dislocations occur suddenly, and are hard to avoid when playing contact sports.

Knee Injuries

Millions of people sustain knees injuries like iliotibial band syndrome, or damaged ligaments. Many knee injuries can be treated with pain relievers from companies like Melaleuca, some rest and compression wrappings. Moderate injuries could require the type of topical pain relievers mentioned on sites like Melaleuca reviews, along with physical therapy at a clinic. Severe injuries often require surgery. Avoiding knee injuries means staying healthy and avoiding excess strain on the knees.

It is always a good idea to see a professional for any sports injury that causes pain or discomfort. Even minor injuries could be indicative of damage to bones, blood vessel or muscles. Checking with a professional after an injury will ensure nothing unexpected disrupts recovery.
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