Sponsored Giveaway Courtesy of Sunglass Company Dicks Cottons and Music Group Dean and Ravo

Sponsored Giveaway Courtesy of Sunglass Company Dicks Cottons and Music Group Dean and Ravo

Dean and Ravo, Hip Hop duo, has been on the up-and-up since we first introduced you to them last Fall. They recently recorded a new single "Get Famous" (Produced by DJ Nemysis) and are sharing it for the first time with Lacrosse Playground. Along with the song is an endorsement campaign with sunglass company Dicks Cottons. Dean and Ravo have teamed up with Dicks Cottons Sunglasses to release an exclusive line of GET FAMOUS shades by Dicks Cottons. We have the pleasure of launching the campaign with a video of Dean and Ravo unveiling the sunglasses and introducing the campaign straight to you, our readers.

Listen to the new song in its entirety. View video HERE.
Dean and Ravo - Get Famous (Prod. By DJ NEMYSIS) by BUMGMT

To show our appreciation to our readers we will be throwing a giveaway contest on our Fan Page. We will post the question to the Lacrosse Playground Fan Page where you will also have to post your answer. The question:

In a positive manner, how can the sport of lacrosse GET FAMOUS on an international scale? Whether it be more TV exposure, money, anything. Express yourself!

TWO lucky winners will receive "Get Famous" shades courtesy of Dean and Ravo and Dicks Cottons. Contest opens as soon as it is posted to our Fan Page (Click Here). Contest closes Wednesday at Noon.

Make sure to like Dean and Ravo on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @Dean_Ravo. Same goes for Dicks Cottons on Twitter @DicksCottons and Facebook.
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Great answers, guys!

Lacrosse Playground

A couple of things, but both come down to giving kids reasons to aspire to be pro players: babes and $$ #1. College and pro lacrosse players need to date super models and actresses. Or both. At the same time. Oh wait, that’s Tom Brady. Seriously. Splash Brooklyn Decker or Olivia Wilde across a bunch of tabloids with their latest boy toy lax player #2. Pro players need to make major bank. Most need to have a “day job”, so they end up playing for the love of the game. That’s inspirational, but it also means that at some point, most college players have to choose between trying to go pro but living with mom and dad, or getting a job.


I like tutles


OMG!!! Lol this just made my day!! Fck it Give the glasses to this guy!! XD


I feel that lacrosse could “get famous” on an international scale if promoted on popular sport chanels and were more ads for lacrosse. More information and promotional ideals I feel are key to fame on an international scale!


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