South Swell and Brine Team Up for Limited Edition Handle

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Lacrosse retailer South Swell Sports has teamed up with Brine for a limited edition handle only available at South Swell. The SSS x Brine Limited Edition handle is a custom designed 7075 handle, clean and fresh, and incorporates the South Swell logo and a West coast vibe.

South Swell logos are in Carolina Blue (with an occasional navy blue mixed in the pattern), and appear running diagonally across the handle, starting small towards the top of the handle and reaching full size in the middle. The Carolina logos are raised to give the handle a bit of texture and grip. The darker navy blue logos are flat against the handle.


At the top of the handle, the Brine logo is laser etched into the handle, and the bottom of the handle is covered with a clean, white butt end.


We talked to South Swell Director of Operations Patrick Gowan and Brine Men’s Lacrosse Brand Manager Neal Goldman about the collaboration.

“I admittedly spend too much time looking at websites like and in stores like Blends (a sneaker shop in downtown San Diego), so I wanted to try to emulate the idea of taking the retailer/manufacturer relationship to the next level and doing something completely unique for our sport,” said Gowan. “I first started talking about the handle with Neal last year when we cooked up our South Swell Swizzbeat (which ended up being our best selling handle for the 2008/2009 season) and after letting some ideas percolate throughout the spring of 2009, we got a chance to sit down together in early June and roll some ideas out.”

“I was very excited to work with Pat on this project for a lot of the same reasons he mentions about HypeBeast and local sneaker shops but with being an East Coast based company (now Mid-West technically), we tend to have some blinders on with how unique and different color palettes and trends are on the West Coast,” said Goldman. “Being able to team up with South Swell to give an exclusive look not only for their store, but for the West coast, was something I couldn’t wait to start working on.”

Gowan also talked about the process of working with Brine on creating the handle.

“With the idea of making something totally unique while incorporating the great Brine technologies available (Zone Tak, 3D Textured Graphics), Neal and I talked about a handle that took the concept of the Swizzbeat to a different place. We went through a number of design concepts for the application of the graphics before settling on this one, which I think came out looking awesome, particularly the long pole.”

The SSS x Brine Limited Edition handle is available at each of South Swell’s seven locations throughout Southern California and Texas as well as through its Web site, Cost is $89.99 for an attack/middie handle and $149.99 for a defense handle.


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I Just bought one of the website it showed uo on my door 3 days later. It is sick!! i put my Baby blue Clutch on it. Yeah best looking shaft out right now get yours why they are still in the stores.


This is dope!



love gun

Love the handle. Baby blue on white was a great choice.


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