South African Lacrosse Project Is An Experience Of A Lifetime, Limited Spots Available

South African Lacrosse Project Is An Experience Of A Lifetime, Limited Spots Available

In early July of every year the South African Lacrosse Project (SALP) holds their annual lacrosse camp. It is held during the South African school holidays, which also coincide with ours. This allows them to bring over 15-20 American lacrosse players every year to help run the camp and coach the kids. Typically their volunteer coaches’ ages range from 17 to 30, and have a moderate knowledge of lacrosse. The volunteer coaches are integral to the success of SALP, as they also are responsible for much of the donation and collection of clothing, shoes, equipment, etc. Aside from donating their time and energy to coaching and mentoring children, volunteers also get the experience of a lifetime in the fabled South African Bush. Volunteers will be able to take part in a wide range of exciting activities such as Safari Game walks and drives, zip-lining, elephant riding, swimming, star safaris, etc.

The South African Lacrosse Project (SALP) was founded in 2007 by brothers Kip and Harrison Hart, and their mother Barbara Cox. SALP is a charitable non-profit corporation dedicated to bringing hope, happiness, aid and education to youth in South Africa. After visiting South Africa the family fell in love with a small town called Vaalwater, a community nestled within the majestic Waterberg mountain range. Kip and Harrison were moved to do something more, and decided to share a game they were passionate about with the South African community they had fallen in love with.

So for the past five years the family has been collecting everything from funds to lacrosse equipment and clothing, and donating it to the youth of Vaalwater. And what started as two brothers teaching lacrosse to their new friends, has grown to enrich the entire community in a multitude of ways:

• SALP now holds an annual lacrosse camp over the South African school holidays.
• Through partnership with the Waterberg Welfare Society SALP has been able to increase HIV/AIDS awareness among the youth in the community.
• SALP has been able to collect and donate countless articles of clothing and hundreds of pairs of shoes throughout the community.
• SALP is now sponsoring American students and teachers to volunteer for an extended time in Vaalwater and teach math/english courses.

For more information visit and their Fan Page.
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