Some noteworthy lacrosse fights

The fight from the Mann Cup (above) has been making the rounds on the Internet this weekend, hitting sites like Deadspin. As a result, we reached back in time and pulled out some of our favorite lacrosse fights to ever hit YouTube.

It should be noted that Lacrosse Playground does not condone fighting of any kind. In fact, we think it goes against the sportsmanship usually shown in our fine sport. But, while we don’t think YOU should fight, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch OTHER people fight.

If the kids have parents like the ones you hear in this video, no wonder they are fighting.

An oldie but a goodie

Clear winner in this one…

Someone clean up that blood before we resume play

It’s not a fight if you are KO’d with one punch, is it?

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1st one is from oakton vs. Robinson in NoVa. It took place place in 2003 I believe.


These are excellent!!!

Mike mickey

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