SMU To Consider Adding Division I Lacrosse Team

SMU To Consider Adding Division I Lacrosse Team

Months ago, we stated on Twitter that a big time university in the state of Texas would be adding a Division 1 lacrosse team. We had a strong reason to believe it would be TCU because they toyed with the idea of joining the Big East Conference. However, things changed, and SMU ended up joining the dominate conference. Funny how things work out.

ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth is reporting that SMU will consider launching a lacrosse program. At the celebration event for alumni and students, school president R. Gerald Turner announced that SMU will officially become a member of the Big East conference in all sports on July 1, 2013. Athletic Director Steve Orsini weighs the options below. One possibility that Orsini mentioned is the creation of new sports programs. He said baseball, softball, lacrosse and men’s track could be in the debate.

SMU never had a lacrosse program, but it might be a good fit now.

“Lacrosse, as you know, is growing here, and the Big East represents the footprint of the best lacrosse in America,” Orsini said. “Those are all things we’ll discuss and see at the presidential level here.”

Lacrosse is big on the East Coast but in its infancy in Texas. It's not recognized as a varsity sport by the UIL, but high schools have formed club teams that compete throughout the state. Squads from Coppell and Dallas St. Mark's, schools just miles from SMU’s campus, have been nationally ranked.

Looking at the big picture, SMU’s move to the Big East represents movement toward a point where the school shares equal emphasis and success in both academics and athletics, Orsini said.

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