Shamel Bratton Officially Dismissed from UVA Lacrosse Team

Yesterday morning we dropped hints on Twitter and Facebook about Shamel Bratton being dismissed from the team and Rhamel Bratton suspended indefinitely. A good amount of people guessed correctly, but we did not want to publish anything until it was made official. View the official press release below.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) - High-scoring senior midfielder Shamel Bratton has been dismissed from the Virginia men's lacrosse team for a violation of team policies.

Coach Dom Starsia made the announcement Friday on the eve of Senior Day.

"I want to wish Shamel the very best in his future endeavors," coach Dom Starsia in the school's statement. "He has made many contributions to the program. At the same time, there are standards of behavior within the framework of the team that we expect to be met by all of our student-athletes. Failure to do so on a consistent basis has resulted in the loss of the privilege of being a member of this team."

Starsia also told the Daily Progress of Charlottesville that Bratton's twin brother, Rhamel, has been suspended indefinitely, the paper reported. The school declined to confirm the report but said Starsia would likely address the issue after the Cavaliers final home game on Saturday.

The Brattons, natives of Huntington, N.Y., were among the most recruited players in lacrosse history. Shamel had 20 goals and eight assists this season; Rhamel 17 goals and five assists.

Virginia (8-5) hosts Penn in its final home game.


Christian Swezey from The Washington Post reports that the Bratton brothers broke numerous team rules including violating the drinking policy. He goes on to state:

The twin brothers missed practice on Monday to attend the funeral of the mother of Maryland lacrosse player Ryan Young on Long Island. That missed practice was excused, and at least two other Virginia players were at the funeral, including senior starting goalie Adam Ghitelman and his brother Jacob, according to someone who attended. The Ghitelmans were back for practice on Tuesday, according to an individual close to the program. Shamel and Rhamel Bratton were not.
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I admire greatly UVA’s decision to stand by the merits of their policies. While other sports and institutions (including pro ranks) continue to compromise honorable behavior for a temporary result from athletes, UVA has quietly stood by its policies that behavior as a citizen, and as a student, comes first, and performance as an athlete comes second. Excellence in the latter does not excuse or permit delinquency in the former. 


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