Series on Black History Month and Lacrosse

Dr. Fred Opie is writing a series on Black history and lacrosse this month on his blog. Dr. Opie will be sheding light on African-American lacrosse players that he grew up idolizing that many have forgotten.

In today's piece he talks about the reputation lacrosse may hold in varying circles, but also includes insight on what it was like for him, a former Syracuse star, playing back in the day:

Most folks know about Jim Brown and Kyle Harrison. But there are a lot of African Americans who played the game and who served as my role models in my youth. There are those from my generation who have been forgotten that I played with and against back when there were so few of us playing the great game of lacrosse, the fastest game on two feet.

LPG will be keeping you posted on this series as it unfolds over the month.

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