Seneca Valley High School Uniforms

Seneca Valley High School Uniforms

Seneca Valley is currently 10-0 on the season and ranked #7 in the PA State Media Poll conducted by Chris Goldberg and media throughout the state. They have some pretty nice customized uniforms done by ProKnitWear who work with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers to customize their jerseys to fit better. Check out the Pictures below and the questionnaire completed by ProKnitWear if you are interested in designing a uniform of any kind with the best in the business.

What is Pro Knitwear and what do you guys do?

Pro Knitwear is a 60 Year Old Custom Sportswear Manufacturing Company. For many years we specialized in the more traditional sports like football and basketball. With the boom in Lacrosse at the end off the 90's we realized we also needed to address the needs of this sport. We found it was a perfect fit to meet the needs off the Lacrosse uniform world and really started to focus in on their needs. Being the sport was relatively new to the area we are able to take our manufacturing experience and mix it with the great fun ideas that the Lacrosse teams had and we grew together with the Lacrosse Community to create the current line of Uniforms and Spirit Wear that we currently offer. We are always excited to meet with creative team members and help them create the next "HIT" uniform.

All Uniforms are manufactured right here in Pittsburgh and as an added bonus we also offer many forms off lettering offered right here in our factory including Tackle Twill , Screen Printing, Thermo Grip and Embroidery.

How did these jerseys come about? Why is it a fun process?

We have been working with The Seneca Valley Lacrosse Program now for 5+ Years and we consider it our Flag Ship Lacrosse Organization. When Peet Poillon and Chad Melberg approached us to Custom Create and Manufacture new uniforms for his team we were honored to be a part of the design process. We had an initial design meeting where we were provided with rough sketches of how he would like the uniform to turn out. We like the idea off combining Football and Hockey Jerseys to come out with a Lacrosse Jersey. We went to work and came up with several proto-types through out the process until we had the one that would meet our manufacturing process and at the same time provide the team with the jersey they envisioned and that would meet all playing criteria. We consider ourselves lucky to work in a fun environment that revolves around the sporting world and we like to think that when a customer comes down to visit our factory that we portray that feeling to them!!!

How much lacrosse stuff do you create over the course of a year and are you able to customize looks for any team?

We are constantly designing new patterns, unique lettering options and alternative color options and Lacrosse items have become an everyday item in our design process. We will customize any item and can help a team achieve the image they would like to portray. We take many traditional items such as T-Shirts, Sweats and hoods and try to achieve the custom look by coming up with exciting new ways to do logo placement and we keep 2 artists on staff year round to help us meet everyone's needs. We believe we are only limited by our imagination......

How would a lacrosse team get in contact with you to make up some customized uniforms in the future?

We can be Contacted by calling John Young at (412) 488-1585 or 1-800-5234155. Our email is . We pride ourselves on having the most helpful and knowledgeable staff in the Apparel Business and believes that is what sets us apart from the other companies. We are here to help serve every need. It is our pleasure to spend as much time as is necessary to help you complete your order. It is also our pleasure to create digital mock-ups and get samples off product when necessary.
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fresh as hell.


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