Search The Largest Network of Private Instructors and Elevate Your Game

Search The Largest Network of Private Instructors and Elevate Your Game

Becoming a great lacrosse player is not about the number of events you play in but the foundation your game is built on. Fundamentals are developed when the stadium lights are off and working with a private instructor is the best way to build the skills that college coaches are looking for.

Summer is the time to find a great instructor in your community and take your game to the next level. Start your free search here:

With the largest network of private instructors, ConnectLAX has instructors to fit every age, level and budget. Instructors are individually screened in order to list on ConnectLAX, including a background check.

Improve your skills with personal attention from the best instructors and training sessions tailored to your game. Many of our professional and college instructors have recently navigated the recruiting process and serve as guides to their players.

Knowledge is power in lacrosse recruiting, download our free recruit guide here:

We know the difference private instruction can make in a player’s development, which is why our Varsity and MVP-level recruits can book with any instructor for free, anytime. Sign up at and start connecting with both college coaches and instructors.
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