Scotland U19 Lacrosse Blog From Turku, Finland

Scotland U19 Lacrosse Blog From Turku, Finland

Jonny Davis, a middie for Team Scotland, will be blogging from Turku, Finland. Jonny will be detailing the daily ins and outs of what it's like to play in the U19 World Games, but also share experiences from off the field. Below is the first installment of the U19 Scotland lacrosse blog.

A 4.30am start on Tuesday morning saw the start of the U 19 2012 World Champs for the Scotland team. With training and a scrimmage the previous weekend, most of us slept through both the flight to Amsterdam from Glasgow, and the flight to Helsinki. A coach was waiting for us on arrival, and a session of the eternal classic Dodgeball saw us through the 2 hour coach ride through trees. Lots of trees. And rain. Having dumped our bags we went on a food hunt in the city centre of a country none of us can speak the language of. We settled on ‘Hesburger’, aware it wasn’t the best pregame for the scrimmage against Canada the following morning.

Another early start, and more rain, Wednesday morning. We got the day going with a breakfast buffet; I opted for a stack of pancakes with a plate of salami and salmon, might as well make the most of an all you can eat. The rain persisted for the walk over to the pitches, but stopped once we had arrived and warmed up. The scrimmage against Canada went quickly, and it was good chance to scope out some nice gear, some of the best players in the world and figure out some of our plays, defence and general set up. Canada looked very good, even though it was clear they were just sorting out their playbook. Although we came close once or twice, they ended with a clean sheet – and we did not. Following the game we trained a little with their offense and defence, before heading back to the hotel and grabbing a Lidl lunch. The rest of the day saw food, a sauna session and even a little sun, with an evening meal overlooking an Iroquois training session. We left the building just as the Korean team arrived, our opponent for Friday. Tomorrow will see the opening ceremony and game between Finland and the Czech Republic, a chance to scout some potential opponents and hopefully watch some good lacrosse.

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[…] Below is the first installment of the U19 Scotland lacrosse blog.Pictures of Scotland’s Gear Previous BlogDay 3 promised to hold a little more for Scotland. The day started with more salmon and pancakes, […]

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