Scotland 36 Man Roster Revealed

Scotland 36 Man Roster Revealed

Men’s lacrosse in Scotland has come a long way since November 2007 when John Kenney saw his first training session in Edinburgh. Almost 4 years on, after 4 major international tournaments and several tours, Scotland is now ranked 7th in the world. Further, the domestic Scottish league will this year expand to 8 teams. Finally, their first ever High School programme had an outstanding year. Men’s lacrosse in Scotland is without a doubt at its strongest ever.

After considerable deliberations the coaching staff has selected the squads. Congratulations to those who’ve made it and commiserations to those who didn’t this time.

Andrew Shen (St. Andrews University)
Ethan Harris (UMBC / CW Post)
Ian Bolland (Stevenson)
Stefan W (Glasgow Lions)

Al Mott (Glasgow Lions)
Bobby Hetherington (Whistler Layabouts)
Calum Watson (Timperley)
Conor McLaughlin (Muhlenberg College)
Graham Higgins (St. Andrews University)
Jamie Fleming (Stirling University)
Jim Huntingdon (Timperley / Stirling University)
Nye Gordon (Aberdeen University)
Shaun Cruse (Edinburgh City)
Tommy Kirkland (Timperley / Stirling University)

Brendan Healy (University of Maryland)
Colin Gill (Glasgow University)
Gavin Ingram (Aberdeen University)
Hal Jones (Glasgow Lions)
Iain Vickars (Simon Fraser University)
Jordan Coffey (Ajax Rock)
Kenny Dunn (Glasgow Lions)
Malcolm Kent (Stirling University)
Marc Watson (Edinburgh City)
Mark Currie (Glasgow University)
Matthew Carey (Jacksonville Armadillos)
Paul Tracey (Glasgow Lions)
Peter Muench (St. Andrews University)
Resham Panesar (Timperley / St. Andrews University)
Ric Heighway (Heaton Mersey)
Rory Marsden (Timperley / Stirling University)
Troy Kachor (Red Deer Rednecks)

Dan Heighway (Heaton Mersey)
Ian Healy (University of Maryland)
Jesse Fehr (Duke University)
Martin Crawford (Edinburgh City)
Myles Bonnar (Timperley / Stirling University)

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