Save the Date: Valentine's Day

Save the Date: Valentine's Day

It's that time of the year again! No, besides gearing up for lacrosse season, I'm talking about Valentine's Day Bros! Hold your moans, groans, and complaining... as Lacrosse Playground's #1 female, I'm here to ease your pain and make life a little easier, well at least with some help for Valentine's Day. Yes, yes, I know you're probably thinking, “What does she know? She already did this?” The answer is, YES.

However, I asked on Twitter what you Bros wanted to see on my 2012 Valentine's Day list and almost all of your answers were “something cheap.” The following gift ideas are all under $50. Thank me later. As Adriana Lima said recently in her sexy Super Bowl commercial, “give, and you shall receive.” And she knows what she's talking about.

For Every Babe:

Roses. I know I put this on the last year's list, but I can't stress enough how important this is! Even if it's just A rose. Like I said last year, every babe deserves a rose on Valentine's Day. Even some gas stations sell single stemmed roses, so you really can't screw this one up guys! The earlier you order them the cheaper. Tired of doing the same-old, same-old? Send them to her at a place where she wouldn't expect it like at her workplace.
Price: At least $3.00 per rose.

For the Fad Babe:

Obviously, getting your babe a ring is a huge commitment. It doesn't matter how much that ring because no matter what - it states COMMITMENT. While doing a search a couple of months ago, I stumbled across these adorable and extremely cheap infinity sign rings. The infinity sign is a huge fad right now, if you don't know what an infinity sign is you must have either not taken basic math or have done horrible in the course. Google it. I received this very ring for my birthday and receive compliments daily. Either way, your Babe is sure to love it.

Price : $16.00

For the Babe who is attached to her iPhone, and really, who isn't?

Maybe we love our iPhone's a little more or a little less than we love you. Either way, we'll never tell. These are GENIUS. At least this way she'll never be able to give the excuse, “Ohh, my phone died.”

Price : $25

For the Lax Babe:

I received a few StrikerDanger shorts recently and instantly fell in love. Past the point of the unique patterns and bright colors, these shorts are beyond comfortable. Check out all of the different styles and colors at and pick yourself out a pair too, you deserve it. My personal favorite pair are the, My Little Danger Ladies.

Price: $37.95

For the Tech Babe:

She'll be able to capture every moment of your relationship on film!

Price: $32.99

For the Jammin' Babe:

You may regret this purchase if you don't enjoy the same music she enjoys because what girl wouldn't want to blast her music with one of these? Make her a love playlist and surprise her with this bad boy. I want one!

Price: $48.49

For the Lovey Babe:

If your girl is one of those that like to take notes of every little event in your relationship this book is it for her. She can list what she likes and dislikes about you and your relationship, describe how you met, your first kiss, your first date, and etc.
Price: $12.99

For the Sex Babe:

It's fun, but most of the positions in this book are near impossible either way, it's fun to flip through. It even goes to the extent to inform you how many calories each individual will burn.
Price: $12.95

For the Party Babe:

I shouldn't have to convince you to buy this for her or anyone else. Just do it.

Price: $29.95

For YOUR Babe:

For the serious Bro's that actually have a good woman on their side: I know it sounds super corny but on Valentine's Day what isn't corny? Put aside the jokes and give her a card telling her how much you really do care and appreciate her, that you wouldn't want anyone else to be YOUR Valentine today. You don't have to spend a fortune on a card, the only thing that she'll really care about is what you wrote. At the end of the day, that's the best gift that you could give any Babe.

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