Saturday is Now Laxurday Every Single Week, Come Party with Us

Saturday is Now Laxurday Every Single Week, Come Party with Us

We wanted to curb your lax addiction by making it more accessible. That didn't make sense did it? Well, every Saturday in the Capital of the Free World, i.e. Washington, D.C., we will be conducting viewing parties of all the lacrosse games on TV. Where, you might ask. It all goes down at Mason Inn. Mason Inn is converted night club turned into a happenin' sports bar with flat screen galore. We love this place and we want to share it with our beloved readers.

For those who are of age to party, we have great drinking specials. Oh, did I mention BBQ? Mason Inn's food is catered by DC's legendary BBQ company, Rockland's.

Official Description:

This Saturday, we are starting a bit earlier at noon for the UVA vs. Stony Brook game and then will have Hopkins taking on Sienna at 3pm. Check back as we might get some more games on. Expect a day of high fives, mid-calves, and low blows. There will be $8 BL pitchers and after the games, we'll turn up the tunes a bit and have some fun.

For those who missed this invite the first week, Mason Inn is collaborating with to establish the first true lax bar in DC this spring. There is a need for a place where all those who love the sport of lacrosse can converge to watch the games and also get their gloves a little dirty. Mason Inn will be showing every single game possible all season including mid-week games and Friday nights, but it will be on Saturdays when we will really let our lettuce down.

Check out the Facebook invite for more info.


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