Ryan Flanagan and Fields of Growth

As some of you may know, UNC defender, Ryan Flanagan will be taking the semester off from school at the University of North Carolina and using the time to truly make a difference while also enjoying the experience of a lifetime. Ryan will be volunteering with Fields of Growth International in southwest Uganda. Fields of Growth International is a non-profit organization* that uses the game of lacrosse as a relational platform to foster friendships and deliver education, health care and various forms of human development.

This fall Ryan will be working on the Hopeful Uganda Peace Village project. The project includes the construction of a new school, orphanage and a sustainable agriculture development. They will also work on a poultry rearing project, which will allow the individuals of Uganda to enjoy healthy eggs. Gifts will also contribute to the Batwa Pygmy home project and the construction of an athletic field which will allow children to play lacrosse. The Batwa Pygmy home project allows you to build a home that can house a family of four for only $700.00.

A small donation can go a long way. As Ryan states none of this comes out of his own expenses:

Donations will not contribute to any of the personal expenses I incur during this experience, per NCAA regulations, and will go directly towards Fields of Growth International and the projects I will be working on while in Uganda.

For more information on how you can contribute to the cause visit FieldsofGrowth.

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