Rutgers' New Long Snapper has a Familiar Name

Rutgers' New Long Snapper has a Familiar Name

Tuesday, it was reported that Stephen Belichick, Bill's son, was added as a walk-on to the Rutgers University football team. Stephen, who played four years of lacrosse for the Rut will be a long snapper. Long snapping isn't new to Stephen. He has been known to snap a few balls at Patriot's practices and also played in high school.

It's been said that Belichick plans to be a coach like his father, although it is yet to be determined which sport he'll coach. His sister, Amanda, is an assistant coach for Ohio State. Rutgers coach Greg Schiano has said,

It’s going to be more fun now. Steve has been in our building. Our lacrosse program, their locker room is in our building. I see him around at times. It’ll be fun to have the opportunity to coach him. I think Steve has some aspirations in the game of football as far as coaching. I hope I don’t screw that up and run him out of it.

The future's bright for Stephen. Maybe he'll make it as a coach one day. Maybe he's good enough to make a pro team as a long snapper. Maybe he just wants to have fun.

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