Rotating 4D Lacrosse Field (Video)

Rotating 4D Lacrosse Field (Video)

Rotating 4D Lacrosse Field

A Dutch company is driven to complete a sustainable, rotating field. The rotating field contains multiple surfaces for easily adjusting to different sports, which tend to use the field. For instance, the interlocking panels can rotate from soft field turf to a much harder surface that is conducive for basketball. The purpose of the strategic project is to utilize an entire area for multiple uses. That way, a particular field is never underutilized, and yet, always adjustable to fit the needs of any team, league, and more.

The company states,

With the Cablean 4D technology, sports clubs can use every square metre of their grounds. The sports field creates 24/7 usage, also during times the grounds are not used for sports… With this innovative product, sport clubs will get the oppurtunity to create a sustainable business model. They are now able to generate their own revenues in the long-term.

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