RipNet Launches Game-Changing Mobile and Web Technology For Players at All Levels

RipNet Launches Game-Changing Mobile and Web Technology For Players at All Levels

All-American goalies, Morgan Lathrop and John Galloway, share their secrets on how to beat goalies.

RipNet announced their new goal scoring technology for Mens and Womens Lacrosse players is now available at

RipNet’s mobile and web technology empowers players of all ages to use the tools they love most - mobile phones, iPods and computers - to step up and take their game to the next level.

John Galloway, a coach at Duke University, a two-time All American and two-time NCAA champion explains, “RipNet is lacrosse’s self-help tool of the 21st century. It easily helps players easily break down offensive aspects of the game that coaches of all levels have been trying to identify for years. RipNet truly is a revolutionary product.”

In the player’s hands, RipNet becomes a piece of equipment that helps them score more from every game situation. Through offensive statistics they input and scoring analytics they manage, players begin to see for themselves how they’re feeding, shooting and scoring on the field with greater clarity and detail. Decisions, tendencies, and patterns are calculated and displayed for the player to analyze and internalize. As a result, they better understand how, why and where they score - as well as why they don’t. With this knowledge, the player can modify their game, practice new techniques, become a smarter player and score more on the field.

Katrina Dowd, a coach at Syracuse University, member of the US Women’s National Team - and the all-time leading scorer in NCAA tournament play explains, “To be able to use RipNet’s technology to further analyze my shooting success and failures will significantly improve my game. There are so many aspects to RipNet; data analyzing, recruiting, instructional videos, social media and more, it is a valuable tool for all levels of lacrosse players.”

RipNet’s How to Score Videos further develop a player’s scoring prowess. The thirty unique videos, featuring slow-motion, high tech graphics and insider insights from two of the greatest goalies to play the game, Morgan Lathrop and John Galloway, focus on helping the shooter understand how goalies think, anticipate, react and move; where they are most vulnerable and the keys to beating them.

Connor Martin, aka “Con Bro Chill,” 2009-10 MCLA Player of the Year adds, “As a scorer I need to continue getting better and better deceiving the goalie where I’m shooting. Knowing what he is thinking is very valuable.”

Off the field, RipNet’s social features enable players to connect with their friends and all things lacrosse. As the first social network for the lacrosse community, RipNet features player profiles, friending, feeds, forums and the latest news from the best lacrosse websites across the web.

Allen Fitzpatrick, coach of The Lawrenceville School boys varsity team that has won 10 consecutive New Jersey Prep A State Championships, was one of the first to outfit his players with RipNet. Fitzpatrick shares, “RipNet heightens our players’ awareness about the business of being a good lacrosse player and staying accountable to our high standards. Finishing is an important aspect of the game; doing so when given the chance means you respect your teammates and the hard work that goes into getting the ball into scoring position. We know it will inform and connect our players - critical aspects for building a successful team.”

RipNet has immediate plans to introduce new technology for coaches, college recruiters and parents. RipNet Coach Technology will provide coaches access to their team’s scoring analytics to better understand and improve their team’s offensive productivity. RipNet Recruiting Technology will help college recruiters be exposed to a greater number of players, gain more insight into a player’s game, and better understand how the player fits into their college system. RipNet Parent Technology will enable parents to assist their child’s development by enabling parents to input their child’s scoring and shooting statistics at the game through their mobile phone or device.

To learn more about RipNet, see the product preview online at
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