Reversible Lifestyle Helps Cayenne Pepperz

Reversible Lifestyle Helps Cayenne Pepperz

Reversible Lifestyle recently partnered with the Cayenne Pepperz and helped them with there design aspirations with regards to there Tournament Uniforms. Reversible Lifestyles design team headed by Tim Johnson worked along side the Pepperz and designed a unique lacrosse uniform that they will be showcasing at tournaments in the near future.

The Cayenne Pepperz had their inaugural tournament in Ocean City last year. With a strong roster of players from Rutgers, Stony Brook, George Mason, La Salle, UMass, amongst others, the Pepperz hope to make a splash with not only sweet uniforms, but also skills on the field. In 2012, the Pepperz played at the Miami Bump n Grind tournament in January, Salt Shakerz Invitational in June, and will play again in the Ocean City Classic in August. The Pepperz plan to make their debut in Las Vegas, San Diego, and Hawaii in 2013.

The uniform is reversible of course. Check out the other side of the lacrosse pinnie below.

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