Reminder: Play for Parkinsons Lacrosse Series

(Washington, DC) We are excited to announce the first annual Play for Parkinson’s fall lacrosse tournament featuring the University of Virginia, Georgetown, Princeton, and Army. The event will be held on October 9, 2010 at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA, and will benefit the ProjectSpark Foundation.

The ProjectSpark Foundation is dedicated to the eradication of Parkinson’s disease in our lifetime, and to the amelioration of the effects of the disease for all those directly and indirectly affected. The Foundation seeks to complement the efforts of other institutions focused on this debilitating disease by finding those points of leverage where a “spark” will help ignite the solutions needed to unlock a cure.

ProjectSpark was established by former Princeton lacrosse player Christian Cook and his sister, Lauren, as a means to fight this devastating disease that has touched so many families. In the fall of 2008, Christian and Lauren’s mother, Diane Cook, was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s.

Therefore, it is particularly appropriate that ProjectSpark would sponsor the Play for Parkinson’s Lacrosse Series, a tournament that will highlight young men playing what has been called “the fastest game on two feet,” to help those whose very ability to move becomes compromised over time by this chronic, progressive disease.

We particularly want to thank Episcopal High School for hosting this tournament and the four coaches and their respective schools for their participation: Joe Alberici and Army; Dave Urick and Georgetown; Chris Bates and Princeton; and Dom Starsia and the University of Virginia.

We will continue to provide updated information on the event and logistical support details as we get closer to October 9, 2010. Visit
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