RedLine Anatomy Mark IV Release Review

RedLine Anatomy Mark IV Release Review

RedLine is an emerging company that is shooting to be a big time competitor on the shaft market. The RedLine Anatomy Mark IV is a strong contender for top of the line shafts in the 2016 season. If you are a carbon fiber fan but like the sharper edges of some metal shaft models the Mark IV will impress you quickly.

WEIGHT 8.5 out of 10


The Mark IV is a really light handle for being sturdy carbon fiber. There are some lighter handles out there but the Mark IV holds it’s own and wont feel heavy in your hand.

STRENGTH 9 out of 10

Even though we've had the first shaft for a couple days, we took several shafts and heavily slashed the Mark IV for awhile during this test. So far we haven’t damaged this handle at all. We looked for any fiber damage and the minor dents that show weakness in carbon layering and the Mark IV showed no signs of giving in. Impressive as a new carbon handle on the market.


GRIP 8 out of 10

For me the grip was a little heavy, which, despite what is being marketed, isn't a necessarily a bad thing. This is more a matter of personal preference. For fans of a super grippy handle the Mark IV will be perfect as it has a more noticeable sand paper grip than the competitors out there on the market. You can still change hands without much difference but my personal feel is it might be a little heavy.

LOOKS 8.5 out of 10

The Mark IV has a lot going on. The graphics are numerous and seem kind of overboard however for a company jumping on the market the graphics are still clean and there’s no doubt everyone will know what handle you are using.

OVERALL 8.5 out of 10

The RedLine Anatomy Mark IV is a strong contender for top end handle on the market. I would give them a shot if you’re looking for a solid step up from a metal shaft that still has a hard edge to it.
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