Red Star V2 Performance Mesh Review

Red Star V2 Performance Mesh Review

Lots of people know who Tom from Red Star Lacrosse is through his YouTube channel, but what many don't know is he also sells his own mesh.  Previously, he offered a wax mesh that he hand coated himself but recently he released his new Red Star V2 Performance Mesh and challenged me to give it a shot.


I strung this mesh up into a Vogl Patriot with a shifty mid low pocket, using a Bennett Braid top string; which Richie Bennett of the Onondaga Redhawks invented and gives a consistent release of a high pocket in a low pocket.  Stringing this mesh was pretty easy and I only had to try coming up with a few patterns to get the perfect pocket.


This mesh is very thin and light, one of the lightest I've felt. The material of it has a nice texture and it has a little bit of "stretch" to it, similar to East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh.

What is really different amount this mesh is the diamond size and softness.  It has slightly larger diamonds than most of the other performance meshes.  This gives you an improved amount of hold and feel on the ball when it is in your stick.  It is also extremely consistent, even with the larger sized diamonds and the extra softness. It gives you a ton of hold and feel, without sacrificing shooting power and accuracy.

This mesh is also very good for face offs as its nice and soft, has a good grip on the ball but still pops in and out very easily.


This mesh performs great in all weather conditions. I tested it in rain, snow and freezing temperatures and it always kept its same softness and was very consistent.

Right now, Red Star V2 mesh is only available in white and comes in at a steal of a price at only $10.  This is half the price of most other performance meshes.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this mesh to anyone who wants a soft mesh that still performs very consistently.  It has become one of my favorite meshes on the market and comes in at a great price point.

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