Recruit Feature: Collier Echols

Recruit Feature: Collier Echols

Recruit Feature: Collier Echols

Collier Echols is a 2017 middie from North Carolina on Greensboro H.S. and Triad Elite

What are you looking for in a college lacrosse program?

I am looking for a school that has high academics, a good lacrosse program, and which provides a chance to enjoy the overall “college experience”.  I really enjoy following all championship-level college sports and look forward to plugging into the campus life of the school.

How do you see yourself contributing to a college lacrosse program?

First, I would hope that my teammates see me as a steady, encouraging presence on the sideline and off the field.  Further, being from a smaller school, I’m often called on to take 20-25 faceoffs and play up to 30 minutes as a middie.  I believe I can be a versatile player on a college roster if need be.  I’m comfortable on the field regardless of the outcome of the draw.  Hopefully, that means leading a fast break.  If not, I can drop, check and defend.

What is your greatest strength as a player?

My greatest strengths as a player are starting fast breaks and my work ethic.  In our area, we don’t have the FOGO depth or luxury of Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning “draw days” to get the needed reps and faceoff specialty training.  I’ve been to The Faceoff Academy specialty camp, and other face-off camps along the east coast for training.  Generally though, it means hitting the wall and listening to a faceoff cadence everyday.  This is a reflection of my work ethic that I hope translates to an opportunity at the college level.

Who was your biggest lacrosse influence?

Despite the fact I was the first one in my family to play lacrosse, I would definitely say my dad has been my biggest influence in lacrosse. This came in the form of taking me up and down the east coast the whole summer, countless dinner conversations about how me and my team was doing, and even practicing whistle work while we're at the beach.

What is your lacrosse goal for the 2015 season?

As a freshman I received all conference and regional awards. My goal for 2015 is to make 1st team all state, and taking an 82% FO percentage to around a 86% FO percentage. Through achieving these goals, I hope to help my high school team win the conference championship, and do well in the NCISAA State Playoffs.

What is your favorite professional sports team?

I am more of a college guy but my favorite professional sports team would have to be either the Miami Heat or Real Madrid. I went to a Heat game once and I had never had a experience like that one down in South Beach.

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