Read's Clothing Project Fall/Winter 2011 LookBook

Read's Clothing Project Fall/Winter 2011 LookBook

Read's Clothing Project has really progressed over the past couple of years into a well respected purveyor of menswear. Founder and former lacrosse player, Read Wall, gives Lacrosse Playground an indepth look at RCP's Fall collection. He is introducing new shirts, patterns, bow ties and neck ties. Also, every product is made in the USA.
Tie fabrics are the same as some of RCP's shirting fabrics. Shown is a Blue Chambray, Grey Oxford, Red Seersucker, and Coral Pinpoint all with contrast tipping. Bowties have the same fabrics, plus one Navy Gingham (no contrast tipping though).

Read's Clothing Project has a simple mission: to make clothes people feel great about wearing. RCP's Founder, Read Wall, states:

Clothes are inherently personal--they are the way we present ourselves to the world and an expression of our unique personalities. Our goal is to design clothes that allow you to do this. We choose fabrics and create fits that only get better with age: beat them up, spill food on them, wash them a hundred times, and they'll take on the unique character that only you can produce.

Also, remember for each product you buy a book will be donated to a child in need of education. For more information visit
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