Profile of GoPro Founder Nick Woodman (Video)

Profile of GoPro Founder Nick Woodman (Video)

As you can see, lacrosse players everywhere have been going nutz for GoPro cameras. Attaching it to Paul Rabil is one thing, but mounting it on a goalie's helmet is completely invigorating. Watch the man behind GoPro during his featurette on CBS This Morning.


I think this is the first video we've ever posted from CBS This Morning, but heck, this is awesome. Over the past two years, California surfer Nick Woodman has climbed straight to the top of our list of kick-ass entrepreneurial Bros. As the founder of GoPro, he's completely revolutionized action and fringe sports everywhere, along wih how we view them on Vimeo and YouTube. There's just no way a camera like GoPro could have existed 10-years ago. If you're an avid reader, you can probably tell that we're huge fanboys of the brand and happy to hear GoPro's the fastest-growing camera company in the world. Last year alone it did nine-figures of sales last year. Freakin' awesome for them. GoPro or go home for life.
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