Boston Cannons Players to use Lax Wax

Boston Cannons Players to use Lax Wax

Major League Lacrosse Players to use Lax Wax

HAMPTON, NH, April 9, 2013 — Lax Wax, LLC ( today announces their official partnership with the Boston Cannons. The 2013 partnership is the first professional lacrosse partnership for Lax Wax, makers of the patent pending element-proofing solution for lacrosse sticks. Lax Wax is a waxed based solution that comes in a twist-up tube that players manually apply to the pocket of their lacrosse sticks. In their first full season of offering Lax Wax to the lacrosse community, Lax Wax has successfully penetrated the market as a manufacturer and wholesaler solidifying themselves as a player in the lacrosse accessory market.

“We are excited to partner with such an incredible organization like the Boston Cannons and get Lax Wax into the hands of the Boston Cannons' players” said Jon Gozzo, President of Lax Wax. “Being a New England based company and having the Cannons so close it was just a natural fit for us”.

In addition to the Cannons players, Lax Wax will also provide product for players in the Cannons Academy (The Official Boston Cannons Lacrosse Camps). Lax Wax will also have promotional giveaways during Cannons games and through their retail partners throughout the professional lacrosse season. “With such a unique product like Lax Wax, we need to get it into the hands of players at all levels, from the professional and collegiate to the high school and youth programs, so they can see how useful it is in all weather conditions” Gozzo said. “Lax Wax is a tool every player needs to have in their lacrosse bag”.

Lax Wax is a unique product that allows a player to grab any stick, apply the solution to their mesh or traditional pocket and immediately give the pocket increased tack for ball control while element-proofing the pocket at the same time. Lax Wax works with pretreated and conditioned pockets or a new stick off the rack.

For more information about Lax Wax or to purchase product from any of our partners throughout the country, visit Follow @lacrossewax on Twitter or like us on Facebook/laxwax for product specials and giveaways

About Lax Wax
Lax Wax is the only lacrosse product on the market that protects your pocket from the elements like rain and snow while providing tack for better ball control. Use your existing stick or grab one off the rack, apply Lax Wax and in a few minutes, your stick is ready for any condition Mother Nature may throw at you.
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