PrimeTime Lacrosse Elite College Prep Camp

PrimeTime Lacrosse has been slowly growing the sport of lacrosse in New England. We dig what they do because they truly care about the game and continue to host camps, leagues, and clinics.

In July, PrimeTime will host an invitation only Elite College Prep Camp. The program is designed with the hope of helping players to use lacrosse as a vehicle to attend a school that they may not otherwise be able to attend, whether that be academically, financially, or otherwise. They are currently filling very quickly, with players coming to Boston from California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maine, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as of now.

While at the camp, players will participate in leadership training that will provide them the tools both to work well in a team setting on and off the lacrosse field. They will also learn from college lacrosse coaches and admissions counselors what it is they look for in a student athlete and how they may best present themselves and their achievements as a prospective student athlete. Players will leave with a framework of what they must do in each school year to prepare themselves and remain eligible to play lacrosse in college.

Attendees will be exposed to innovative and demanding lacrosse sessions designed by college coaches that replicate the pace and intensity of their own practices; players will leave the PrimeTime Lacrosse Elite Camp with a better understanding of what it takes to compete at the next level, and how they can develop the necessary skills both on their own and within their own team practices to get there.

As stated above, the camp is invite only. However, if you think you have what it takes for this camp, but didn't receive a letter of invitation, please email For more information visit PrimeTime.
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