Pre-Gaming with Pat: Spectacular

Pre-Gaming with Pat: Spectacular

From the shades to the waves, a Wolverine pre-gaming party just can't be matched. Sorry to all the lists of party schools out there, they just don't have someone like Pat Stansik going around creating masterful videos, and entrancing works of art that captivate the eyes. Nevertheless, as one girl puts it, "it gets better with age," and that couldn't be better said. As always in the videos we see some familiar faces, some new one's, and some pleasantly aged individuals who have possibly pre-gamed a little too much as they don't quite understand the questions. Nevertheless, the latest installment is sure to please, make you laugh, make you wish you could be with the confines of the city, so what's really keeping you from planning a trip to be on the next video?  Always ensure to keep up to date with Pat here:

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If you need anything else, or want something specific or a request from Pat and he is being a hungover 24-year-old who isn't married yet, message me @TheRealHag on twitter, so with out any hesitation, enjoy the video!

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