Pre-game warm-up music: What pumps you up?

Everyone has pre-game rituals. And probably the most common and coveted ritual before a game is a player’s warm-up music.

Of course, rap is a favorite along with heavy metal and the occasional techno.

Rap connects everyone through catchy beats and refrains that almost everyone has already heard on the radio or seen in a music video.

Heavy metal gets the blood flowing! Defensemen (and meatheads) are usually seen in the corners of the locker room stomping their feet while applying copious amounts of eye black.

Techno is the avenue of music that uplifts every single person. The bass blaring in your ear, heart thumping pulses, and most importantly smiles on your team mates faces. Techno makes you feel good and captures something that other musical forms of expression cant.

Lacrosse Playground has reached out to four notable players to get their perspective on the vital role music plays in the transpiring moments before a game.

Dan Cocoziello, D, Toronto Nationals- I’m a big techno guy. That being said I’ve been feeling Tiesto ft. Justin Timberlake- “Lovestoned”.

Kyle Harrison, M, Team USA, Denver Outlaws- I've got TON'S of songs I listen to before games for one reason or another. I know there are a lot of guys who listen to specific lyrics and relate them to the game that they're about to play, but I'm more of a bass dude man. The second I heard some loud bass and somebody tearing it apart it gets me going! Right now I'm all over "I'm the S***" remix, DJ Class featuring Kanye West and Estelle, and Always Strapped is near the top of my list as well.

... yes, we know this isn't the remix featuring Kanye. We had to keep the lyrics PG and this is what we found.

Garvey Heiderman, M, UPenn Quakers- I actually had a song by Haste the Day called "American Love" which is kind of scremo with a long chill section, post hardcore genre... A teammate and I would always listen to it together before games with a headphone splitter but other than that it’s whatever I’m feeling…

Bill McGlone, M, Chicago Machine - Warm up music that I have been listening to lately is the “Saw” theme song and “Lord of the Rings” instrumentals. I like the beats and it doesn’t have words so you can focus more on what you want to do in the game. That, and I like to freestyle to my own sick rhymes…

If you had to steal one of these players' warm-up tunes, who would it be? Vote below and tell us what your favorite warm-up tunes are.

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my team tries not to be too high-strung before a game so we all listen to eletric avenue, that song that was on pineapple express


I’m the shhhhh….


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