PLL Announces 2022 Schedule Wave Two

PLL Announces 2022 Schedule Wave Two

Yesterday afternoon, the PLL account tweeted out a massive schedule teaser.

They did not disappoint.

Wave One

June 4-5 Albany
June 10-11 Charlotte
June 17-18 Long Island
June 24-25 Baltimore
July 1-2 Minneapolis
July 16 Boston - All Star Game

Wave Two

July 23-24 Fairfield
July 30-31 Dallas
August 5-6 Denver
August 12-13 Salt Lake City
August 20-21 Seattle
September 3 Boston - Quarterfinals
September 11 Washington, DC - Semi Finals
September 18 Philadelphia - Championship

The Sunshine State

Perhaps, the most interesting announcement is that Peter Barton Stadium was selected to host the Denver games.

Will they bring in temporary seating behind the team benches outside of the stadium?

That facility is incredibly small relative to the other venues and we know how well Denver has supported professional lacrosse in the past.

Yo, Adrian

The title game returns to Philadelphia, site of the dawning of the Whipsnakes empire.

What do you think about the championship game being held in the same location in the future?

The Future

One would surmise testing out new locations during the tour based model suggests we are getting closer to the league locking in city based teams. When the league pivots to the traditional city based model, do they rip the band aid off in one year or announce city based teams in batches.

For example, they could say, we will have teams based in Boston, Albany, Annapolis, and Charlotte in 2024. Make sure you're there to support the entire PLL when the league stops at those locations in the 2023.

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