Play For The American Revolution Lacrosse Club

Play For The American Revolution Lacrosse Club

(Bloomington, IN) - The American Revolution Lacrosse Club is set to invade the Denver Fall Team Camp (November 5-6) and the Adrenaline Challenge in San Diego (January 7-8).

“We have selected Denver and Adrenaline to begin our high school club program because they are the premiere events on the west coast. The best west coast talent will be there which means the most college coaches will be also,” said director Peter Tumbas. “We’re going to put our roster in front of 100 plus college coaches in two weekends.”

Most fall tournaments have forty plus teams. Denver’s Fall Team Camp is capped at sixteen. Adrenaline allowed twenty teams to compete last year. These boutique tournaments maximize player visibility by limiting the number of participants and accepting high quality club programs.

The American Revolution is being led by the Indiana University coaching staff. Players will be exposed to college level offensive and defensive theory as well as receive counseling on the recruiting process during and after the tournament. In addition to receiving written evaluations, players will also receive game video to update their highlight tapes.

Player dues cover tournament registration, Pro Athletics uniforms, hotels, ground transportation, most meals, coaching feedback, recruiting exposure post tournament, and game DVDs.

There are only a few spots remaining. To register visit The high school summer schedule will be announced soon.
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