Chesapeake Bayhawks P.T. Ricci Joins Thailand Lacrosse

P.T. Ricci joins the list of star studded Development Officers who will help aid Thailand men’s lacrosse team for 2011. The former Loyola and MLL fierce long pole will be assisting his former Loyola Teammate, and the TLA’s current interim coach, Steve Hess on the defensive end of the field.

“‘We’re very thankful that P.T. wants to help shape our defense into a well rounded international lacrosse team,” said Payu Nerngchamnong, the President of Thailand Lacrosse Association. “We’re fortunate to have two of the best longpoles to assist our defensive unit, bringing experience to a very large and diverse age group of players on defense. I’m sure that P.T. will do an amazing job on defense, and we’re looking forward to working with him in Thailand”.

The 2 year starter at Loyola as LSM, first team all-ECAC player was among the top leading ground balls (84), and forced turn overs (41) in the country. As well as the break out performer in the MLL after graduating from Loyola in 2008, Ricci is considered one of the best LSM's in the country.

Ricci will head to Thailand ahead of the ASPAC 2011, he will work closely with Steve Hess. Along side Lindsay, Harrison, and Woodson who will be working with the TLA offensive unit. The official announcement of the appointment, and statement from both Ricci and Hess to follow.

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