Outer Banks Lacrosse Monster T-Shirts

Outer Banks Lacrosse Monster T-Shirts

Imagine attending a high school where lacrosse wasn't already a sport? Baffling right? As big of a sport lacrosse has become over the last couple years, it is still not a sport that is recognized at every high school. If you know me, you know that I am always ready to write about helping raise money for a good cause. In Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina at the local high school, First Flight, there are people fighting to raise money to support a new high school boys lacrosse team. The school is generous enough to pay the coaches that are willing to spend their time with the team, they also provide the buses and fields. However, the team is responsible for gas, officials, and equipment which we all know isn't cheap.

In order to front the money for these necessities people are able to purchase t-shirts that were made purposely to support the team. If you are from around the Kill Devil Hills area the shirts are being sold at Kitty Hawk Watersports. The shirts have been widely popular and Kitty Hawk Watersports has even received visits from players from reservations in Western New York.

The shirt features a monster which is a spin-off of Ed “Big Dady” Roth's Rat Fink character. In addition they added some Outer Banks landmarks including the Wright Brothers monument as well as the high school's name on the jersey. The creator of the shirt states, “I wanted to create something theaverage tourist/lacrosse fan could enjoy without feeling like they were buying a First Flight HS t-shirt. Most tourists could care less about FFHS but if you like lacrosse and the Outer Banks you fit into a broader demographic.” and wanted to add, “We appreciate all who have helped us along the way and the journey continues.”

Purchase your shirts here today and help out a good cause.
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