OdorBalance Introduces Groundbreaking Sports Equipment Cleaning Products

OdorBalance Introduces Groundbreaking Sports Equipment Cleaning Products

Baltimore, MD – September 11, 2012 – OdorBalance® is proud to introduce four ground breaking new products that clean, restore and eliminate odors from sports equipment, footwear and performance apparel. OdorBalance’s Offense & Defense, Overtime and LaundryPro products utilize Bactishield™ technology providing an effective long lasting barrier against odor, staining and discoloration typically associated with bacteria, mold and mildew. All of the products are biodegradable, odorless and hypoallergenic. Check out our video on YouTube.

The science behind OdorBalance's two-step Offense/Defense cleaning system is simple. First is removal of unwanted, grimy or smelly pollutants and then application of a long-lasting bonded barrier that protects against odors and their sources for months.

OdorBalance’sproducts are:

OFFENSE: Restores used, smelly and soiled gear and footwear while cleaning and eliminating the sources of odor. Offense also prepares articles for the OdorBalance® Defense treatment.

DEFENSE: Provides long-lasting odor protection for sports equipment and footwear while protecting against odors and their sources for months.

OVERTIME: Is used on new equipment and footwear as a prevention and maintenance spray. Overtime builds a barrier to protect from odors and their sources and is ideal for an on-location treatment of footwear and gear.

LAUNDRYPRO: Restores, protects and maintains high performance apparel by building a barrier to protect apparel from odors and their sources. LaundryPro is the first premium high-efficiency sports detergent with long-lasting protection that maintains the “wickability” of high-performance fabrics.

“We did a lot of research and found that there really was not a product on the marketthat successfully removed foul odors from sports equipment. "None of the odor treatments out there made claims of long lasting effectiveness,” said Drew Westervelt, founder of OdorBalance® and attackman on the 2012 Major League Lacrosse Championship Chesapeake Bayhawks. “With our first hand knowledge of cleaning science our premium products are second to none in odor restoration, protection and maintenance."

OdorBalance® and its sister company BactiBarrier® were founded in 2011 by professional lacrosse player Drew Westervelt and cleaning industry professionals Doug McGettigan and Doug Bradford. OdorBalance™ products can be purchased online <http://www.odorbalance.com/products/> or at a retail store.
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