Oakland Lacrosse Club Wants To Make It Possible For Every Kid To Play Lacrosse

Oakland Lacrosse Club Wants To Make It Possible For Every Kid To Play Lacrosse

Oakland Lacrosse from Matt Polizzi on Vimeo.

The Oakland Lacrosse Club is the most socioeconomically diverse lacrosse program in Northern California, serving students in Oakland Public Schools. In summer 2012 the Oakland Lacrosse Club formed to support the existing high school programs at Oakland Technical and Skyline High Schools and to create a new comprehensive middle school program serving students from Oakland Public Schools. This fall Oakland Lacrosse introduced the sport to over 500 youth, and many have caught the bug and will sign up for our spring teams. The funds raised from this campaign will provide the opportunity for over 75 Oakland public middle school students to play lacrosse. In addition to teaching the basics of lacrosse, the program will include mentoring in athletics, academics, nutrition, and civic engagement.

Kevin Kelley, Program Development Director of the Oakland Lacrosse Club, is leading the effort to build this new middle school program. He has coached lacrosse for 10 years at the youth, high school and college level. Currently, he is an assistant lacrosse coach at UC Berkeley, and the head JV coach at Oakland Tech. In addition to coaching he has worked as a teacher, administrator, and program director at non-profits targeting underserved youth. In 2011 he earned a Masters in Educational Organization and Leadership with a focus in Urban Education.

Lacrosse has provided Kevin and countless others with a world of opportunities and most importantly connected them to a community of people that are passionate about this sport, supporting one another, and growing the game. By supporting this campaign, you are providing youth in Oakland an opportunity to experience this great sport in a safe and supportive environment.

Oakland Lacrosse needs your help. The goal is to raise $15,000. The money will be used to purchase equipment, transportation and food. To learn more how you can donate, visit Oakland Lacrosse.
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