Notre Dame Defeats Jacksonville At Disney Sports Complex

Notre Dame Defeats Jacksonville At Disney Sports Complex

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- The JU men’s lacrosse team traveled to the Disney Sports Complex Friday to face ninth-ranked Notre Dame with a plan in mind and it had little to do with the score.

Head coach Guy Van Arsdale wanted to see if the Dolphins were able to execute what they’ve been taught early in training camp and he not only saw that, but came away with a little bonus.

“I thought our kids did a great job of competing,’’ he said after the five-quarter scrimmage. “I thought they really competed well and I am happy with that. It’s a great first step.’’

The teams tied at 1 in the first 15 minutes as sophomore David Goldman scored for JU on an assist from Max Gurowski.

The Dolphins took the second period 2-1 when both Ari Waffle and T.J. Kenary scored.

The Irish shut down JU in the third and took the period 4-0 and shut out the Dolphins 2-0 in the fifth period. Notre Dame also won the fourth period, 4-2. JU’s Jeremy Tissenbaum scored and Goldman netted his second. The Irish won the overall score 12-5.

“They played hard, they played smart and I thought they were well coached and they know what they’re trying to do,’’ Notre Dame coach Kevin Corrigan said. “I thought their execution was really good.’’

So did Van Arsdale, to a point.

“We had flashes of where we did some things really well and flashes of where we see we can get better,’’ he said. “I think our guys figured out tonight that when they play hard and they execute things in the way we’ve asked them to they’re going to have success. I think that happened tonight in all different phases of the game and that’s encouraging and I think our guys are smart enough to know it. It’s a teachable moment.’’

The Dolphins meet the University of Tampa next Saturday in a second scrimmage at D. B. Milne Field at 1 p.m.
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