North American Lacrosse League Silences Former Teams with Restraining Order

North American Lacrosse League Silences Former Teams with Restraining Order

(OCEAN, NJ) -- The North American Lacrosse League has obtained a federal court restraining order against two of its former teams and several affiliated individuals in an effort to stop the dissemination of false information and to continue all League operations as planned.

Anthony R. Caruso, Esq., Attorney from Scarinci Hollenbeck and acting Commissioner for the League, with the assistance of Joel Kreizman, Esq. of the same law firm, obtained the order last night. The Order provides in part that the defendants are prohibited “from making any communication to any person, including the media, players, coaches, vendors, or arenas, that the lacrosse season planned or scheduled to commence in January 2012…has been or is canceled.” The defendants being restrained are Jim Jennings, Brett Vickers and Graham D’Alvia, as well former teams known as the Charlotte Copperheads and Jacksonville Bullies. "The North American Lacrosse League continues to prepare for its inaugural season which commences next week," says Mr. Caruso.

The NALL will now play a modified schedule consisting of a minimum six (6) games, starting in Kentucky on Saturday, January 21. The League is hopeful that more games may be added as the season progresses. The inaugural season is known as the “NALL Pro Invitational Season”, and the League will invite other professional teams not affiliated with NALL to play against League teams.

“It’s all about providing lacrosse fans with exciting professional lacrosse,” says Dale Weingarten, Director of League Operations. “We have reacted quickly to recent events, and have received tremendous response from fans and sponsors alike. We are very excited about the future of the North American Lacrosse League.”

The League now consists of three teams known as the Kentucky Stickhorses, the Boston Rockhoppers and the Lehigh Valley Flying Dutchmen. League officials are confident that more teams will be added in the near future. The newly modified schedule and other current information is listed on the NALL website.
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so… charlotte doesn’t get a team now..? i’m quite confused


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